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The Clothes Show and Christmas Party

December 13th, 2008 (06:48 pm)

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Firstly, for those of you on the flist who are planning on coming to Nandos for my bday thingy next Friday - apparently they don't take bookings on Friday. WTF. So we might be stood around for a while. What kind of stupid rule is that?

Anyway. I thought I'd share some photos. Picture heavy!

So here are some photos from the Clothes Show! These are the best, least blurry ones ^^; It's what happens when the only way to get pictures is to hold the camera above your head and point and click!

This is the interestingly designed shopping centre in Birmingham, the Bullring... not sure what to think, to be honest.

Some topless male model giving a woman a prize. Everyone screamed quite a lot, it was rather embaressing.

The presenters. I'm not sure who they were... Read somewhere that the blonde was Jodie Kidd but I'm not sure about that...

It was fun, especially the big catwalk show; there were awesome dancers and everything was very well choreographed. The stalls were amazing - there was a huge variety of stuff, and I got a punky top and a really pretty dress for £23 total. Was it worth the price and the time it took me to get there? Well... No, I don't think so. Especially since I had to suffer the whole way down to Birmingham with this awful woman who decided to announce that everyone in Leeds is racist >_> Nice. And it took five hours to get back to Leeds which is frankly ridiculous. However, I had a great time with dark_persian so it's all okay ^^

I got drunker than I planned. I don't think I got that drunk but I still felt crappy all of Friday. Guess you can't drink too much when you get to my age!

Helen and Tekla pose for the camera...

Scary zombie snowmen...

As expected, the prizes from the Christmas Crackers on the table were amazing!

The food was super yummy though, tasty... <3

Also: I want it, I want all of it.


Posted by: kurenai_tenka (kurenai_tenka)
Posted at: December 13th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
Bee Train - A homage <3

Firstly, for those of you on the flist who are planning on coming to Nandos for my bday thingy next Friday

I take it this is different to the January thing? ^^;

And some of those clothes are quite nice! :D Oh, and was that woman having a guy at you guys for being supposed racists or something?

Posted by: Clare (curiousciel)
Posted at: December 13th, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
axel 371

Yes, this is something that has evolved from going to get a few drinks after work to take advantage of the last Friday of the Christmas market; to going to Nandos with a variety of people. But it's not really my bday thing, more of a last get together before xmas. My birthday thing will be in January still, as for when, that depends when Corine is moving out, which I don't know yet.

The woman was sat behind me on the bus, and talking very loudly to her friend who for some reason was sat on the other side of the bus. She said that this was the first time she'd been to Leeds and that she didn't like it, because everyone was awful to her because she was black; she also mentioned that she didn't think anyone in Leeds had ever seen a black person before. Which is of course ridiculous - Leeds is a very multicultural city. I think the reason people in Leeds weren't nice to her is because she was a bitch, tbh. Ah, fun.

Posted by: kurenai_tenka (kurenai_tenka)
Posted at: December 14th, 2008 01:43 pm (UTC)

Heh, oh wow. I wonder if se felt stupid when she started actually walking round Leeds? =P

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