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Looking for a housemate...

December 8th, 2008 (12:58 pm)

current mood: worried

Hello everyone. Mondays are great, aren't they? >_> Only two weeks til the Christmas holidays though!

Now for something a little more serious. My housemate is moving out at the end of January and I am getting more than a little worried about what I'm going to do. I can't really afford the rent by myself, and when I look at the rents in the surrounding areas, I can't afford any of those, either. So, I have two choices: one is to find a housemate, the other is to temporarily move in with my parents *is filled with dread*

So, here is an honest advert for a housemate; should anyone be interested, say so in a comment or message me ^__^

Houseshare wanted in Leeds, LS11.

Double room available in terraced house in Holbeck from 1st February. Generally quiet area, close to transport links and good bus routes (buses into city centre every ten minutes during the day). Half hour walk into Leeds city centre. Lots of local amenities. Spacious, furnished bedroom with double bed and wardrobe, also probably inclusive of desk and chest of drawers.

Excellent storage space in the basement; fully equipped kitchen with brand new fridge freezer, plus microwave, oven and steamer.

Rent is £225/month, plus the monthly bills add up to about £100 (broadband and basic cable TV, gas and electricity, water and council tax). Security deposit is about £250 but I can check on that with the landlord, plus the landlord will probably want to do a credit check which was £70 when I moved in last year but there were no other signing fees.

All in all, it's a lovely, spacious house, quiet area, with parking and a handy local shop that opens 'til about 9pm (though it's sort of dependant on the whims of the owners). It's really easy to get anywhere that you need to be whether by car or public transport and cheap too - £1.10 for the bus into town which is pretty darn cheap for Leeds! Plus there will be borrowing access to all my manga and anime :D

Personality-wise, I'd like someone who is laidback and friendly, not too noisy (I'm talking loud, bangin' choons at 2am here, normal music and stuff is fine) and generally nice. Which I'm sure describes all of my friends :D

If anyone thinks they might be interested, please comment or message me. And if anyone thinks they might be interested but want to see what they might be getting into I can post photos or arrange a viewing. Also if you might be interested but not until later in the year, that's negotiable as well.

Thanks for reading ^__^